Dr. Mark Kleive DDS (most of his patients call him Mark), is devoted to excellence in dentistry. This passion has led to a clear understanding of both the artistry and science of what it means to be a dentist. Ideal tooth repair and dental care combines both natural beauty with predictable and optimal function.


Dr. Kleive believes people deserve better than to be treated like items on an assembly line and ensures each patient receives personal one-on-one attention. He has a genuine interest in each patient and takes the time to listen to individual circumstances before giving a treatment recommendation. After all, no one knows your mouth like you do. He believes superior dental care means including you in the planning of your treatment. Patient education is the cornerstone of the planning process. Working as a team with each patient means making plans according to your goals and offering experienced recommendations. Listen and watch actual patient stories of people who have come to Dr. Kleive to seek relief and remedies for their teeth and gums.


Dr. Kleive embraces his role as a comprehensive healthcare provider. His dental treatment philosophy reflects his desire to educate people to experience first-hand how the health of their mouth directly affects their general health.