The L.D. Pankey Dental Foundation was established in the spirit of giving back…”How can we return a portion of what we have received to benefit others and to perpetuate The Pankey Foundation mission?”


The L.D. Pankey Dental Foundation was established in the spirit of giving back…”How can we return a portion of what we have received to benefit others and to perpetuate The Pankey Foundation mission?” As a Pankey community member, we invite you to financially support its mission.

Described below are different opportunities available as you consider supporting the mission of Pankey and enhancing the community we serve.

The Pankey Alumni Association

After beginning your journey and continuing dental education at The Pankey Institute you are initially invited to join the Alumni Association. The annual dues include a modest gift to the annual fund and provide personal membership benefits. It also is an excellent way to stay connected within the community and grow in your relationships over time.

The Pankey Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is a gift “over and above” your alumni dues that supports the operational mission of the Pankey Institute from year to year. It is a way to take the next step in your philanthropic journey that complements your lifelong learning, community building, and financial support.

The Pankey Symposium

Each year The Pankey Institute sponsors a gathering whereby the Pankey community is invited to participate in professional development, recognize volunteers and donors, and build the relationships that are the fabric of the Pankey community. Your financial support and presence at the event directly help to perpetuate the Pankey mission.

Class One Triple Plus Giving Level

Class One Triple Plus is the giving level that early students are encouraged to strive for. Part of the formal Quid Pro Quo Society, this giving level recognizes a pledge or lifetime giving amount of $10,000 therefore offers appropriate recognition. The recognition wall as you enter the main lobby at 1 Crandon Blvd. recognizes everyone who has achieved this giving level.

Below are options of lifetime giving recognition to The Foundation. Each option is permanently recognized within the Institute and included in on-going and annual recognition in print and electronic media.

$10,000 – Jade – Class One Triple Plus
$25,000 – Silver – Patron
$50,000 – Ruby – Sustainer
$100,000 – Sapphire – Guarantor
$250,000 – Gold – Benefactor
$500,000 – Emerald – Founder
$1,000,000 – Diamond – President’s Circle

Family Named Funds

A powerful way to recognize your participation in The Foundation’s mission over the years is to establish a permanent endowment fund in your or your family’s name. The permanent endowment fund will be managed with distributions designated to a particular area of the Pankey program that you specify. Establishing a Named Fund is also an effective way to establish a path for your estate planning interests.

  • Dr. Rich and Linda Green Scholarship Fund
  • Dr. Irwin Becker Fund
  • Dr. William Lockard Fund
  • Dr. Lee A Brady Education Fund
  • Dr. Nancy Ward and Dr, Denny Byrne Scholarship Fund
  • Dr. Jay Anderson Scholarship Fund
  • Dr. Herb Blumenthal Scholarship Fund
  • Mr. Mark Collis Scholarship Fund

Quid Pro Quo Society

The ultimate gift that any donor can make to a non-profit organization is remembering it in their estate planning. Those deferred gifts are reserved for the organizations that mean the most to that donor and the donor’s family. Pankey recognizes the significance of those gifts that truly represent the appreciation of lifelong learning, lifelong community, and lifelong commitment to the philosophy and mission of the L.D. Pankey Dental Foundation.

For more information

If you are interested in making a gift please use the “Donation Form” tab on the upper left. If you prefer to call in to make a donation or learn more about these essential Pankey efforts please contact Mark Morrow, Dr. Mike Crete or Eva Montero in the Development Office,
(305) 428-5500 or email