Here’s what patients have said about their Pankey Institute-trained dentists.



Here’s what patients have said about their Pankey Institute-trained dentists.

“My dentist of the past 22 years has been Dr. Bill Gray of Sherman, Texas. When I first went to see him in 1985, I completed a questionnaire ….have you had any bad dental experiences? My answer was ALL.

Dr. Gray has been an awesome dentist, making major improvements to the health of my teeth and mouth. I always thought that he was much better than the average dentist. Today, I learned that his is a level 5 Pankey dentist and what that means. So, now I understand why he is such a great dentist, in addition to his own passion for the profession.

Unfortunately, I am moving away from this area and will not be using Dr. Gray in the future. However, he provided me with a list of Pankey qualified dentists that I can use in the future in my new location. I feel much better about selecting a new dentist now that I know that others have been trained like him.

Thank you for your program.”

–David Van Winkle, Texas

“I feel my dentist is doing the very best possible to save my teeth and give me a great smile. This has not been easy due to problems acquired earlier in life.”

“I have always felt welcomed and my dentist’s skills are good. He takes into consideration my fear of dental procedures and my ability to pay for procedures, pointing out the optimal level of attention to the priorities I can afford.”

“Our family knows we will always have our dental needs taken care of by the most qualified doctors and dental assistants.”

“My dental office provides a welcoming, comfortable and professional approach to oral health care. I’m so satisfied with my oral health care that I travel one hour to my appointments.”

“My dentist takes a long-term approach to dental care.”

“My dentist is trustworthy. No procedures are recommended without deep consideration for the absolute necessity of the actions and even then, the patient has the final word.”

“My dentist has the highest standard of care. He has an infection control manual readily available to educate clients. He fully explains all dental procedures.”

“Patient comfort is second only to the skill of care in priority. The pace is relaxed and steady. The end product of all my procedures has surpassed my expectations.”

“My dentist takes ongoing education and keeps abreast of current dental procedures.”