Study Clubs

Whether you’re initiating a new Study Club and seek comprehensive resources for content, speakers, and CE offerings, or you already have a group and desire support with content and cases, we have the perfect solution for you. Our Pankey Study Club modules are meticulously crafted to deliver content and fully documented cases online.

For those who prefer a live presentation, we also provide support for study clubs by offering exceptional educators for engaging lectures and hands-on education sessions. For more information, feel free to reach out to Eva Montero at 305-428-5500. Elevate your Study Club experience with our tailored modules and expert support.

Dental School Education Programs

Discover the impact of our Adopt program, where we offer complimentary education to students in 36 dental schools throughout the US. These programs are facilitated by Pankey faculty members residing locally, many of whom are dedicated alumni.

If you’re curious about whether your school already benefits from our Adopt program or if you’re keen on initiating one, we encourage you to connect with Roberto Francisco at 305-428-5500. Unlock the potential of free education and foster a supportive dental learning environment for students across the nation.

Pankey Alumni Association

There are so many reasons to join your L.D. Pankey Alumni Association. This year we continue to have three great alumni membership levels to choose from with incredible benefits, value, and ways to stay connected to the people and the place that impacted your life. Here is a quick glance at all that is included.

  • The Insider magazine shares Pankey news, alumni stories, and educational content.
  • The online alumni listing features members of the Alumni Association and is an incredible way to find friends and get practice referrals.
  • The printed alumni directory is reserved for members of the Alumni Association.
  • Pankey Symposium 2024 is included for Platinum members.
  • Silver and Bronze members will receive a $300 discount for the Symposium.
  • Pankey 2024 pre-paid credit of $2,500 with the Platinum membership to use or gift! This special offer is only good during Symposium, after which the credit will be $2000.
  • Pankey 2024 pre-paid credit of $1,000 with the silver membership to use or gift!
  • Restorative Nation membership is included with Platinum membership and at a special $20 a month rate for Silver and Bronze Alumni members.
  • Customized Pankey Alumni signature badge for your practice website and email signature.
  • “Your Dentist is Pankey Trained” brochures for your office and reception area.

For More Information please call Eva Montero at 305.428.5557.

You can also find Pankey Alumni via the Pankey Alumni Directory 



Thanks to the generosity of our community and their annual donations to The Pankey Foundation, we are delighted to extend a range of scholarships for individuals aspiring to attend Pankey educational programs. Our scholarships include opportunities for reduced tuition and lodging, benefiting 18 dental students or recent graduates each year. Additionally, specific scholarships are named in honor of individuals who contribute to this noble cause annually.

For detailed information and inquiries about these valuable scholarships, please reach out to Jenna Brady at 305-428-5500. Empower your educational journey with Pankey through these impactful scholarship opportunities. You can find more information on the Pankey Scholarships Page