Scholarships are the ultimate example of “Quid Pro Quo”


Thanks to the generosity of our community and their annual donations to The Pankey Foundation, we are delighted to extend a range of scholarships for individuals aspiring to attend Pankey educational programs. Our scholarships include opportunities for reduced tuition and lodging, benefiting 16 dental students or recent graduates each year. Additionally, specific scholarships are named in honor of individuals who contribute to this noble cause annually.

For detailed information and inquiries about these valuable scholarships, please reach out to Jenna Brady at 305-428-5500. Empower your educational journey with Pankey through these impactful scholarship opportunities.

Adopt Scholarship

Annually, through the kindness of our donors, we extend a unique opportunity to dental students, residents, or new graduates with less than 18 months of experience. We offer 16 spots in Essentials One with substantial discounts on both tuition and lodging, making this educational experience more accessible.

For detailed information on these scholarships, please contact Pankey at 305-428-5500 and speak to any member of our Participant Services team. Elevate your dental education with Pankey’s Essentials One program, supported by the generosity of our donors.

The Richard & Linda Green Scholarship

In tribute to Dr. Rich Green, dentists who have benefited from his teachings over the past 40 years have generously donated funds to establish the Rich and Linda Green Scholarship. This scholarship is exclusively available to any dentist attending the Essentials, offering them the opportunity to enroll in a course within the Essentials series.

Annually, three fortunate individuals will be awarded $2000 scholarships, thanks to the dedicated contributions of those who have learned from Dr. Rich Green. For more details on how to apply or inquire about the scholarship, please reach out to us. Honor the legacy of Dr. Rich Green and enhance your professional journey with this meaningful scholarship opportunity.

2023 Winners: Dr. Tim Bouquet, Dr. Jennifer Yu, Dr. Naadia Ahmed, Dr. Elizabeth Ike 

Dr. Denny Byrne & Dr. Nancy Ward Scholarship

Drs. Nancy Ward and Denny Byrne, esteemed long-term faculty and dedicated members of the Pankey Board of Advisors, have established a noteworthy scholarship. Dr. Ward, who also served a three-year term as Chair of our Board of Directors, and Dr. Byrne jointly created this bi-annual $1000 scholarship. The scholarship is specifically designed for practicing dentists, providing them the opportunity to attend any of the Institute’s Essentials curricula.

We extend a special invitation to students and alumni of the University of Maryland School of Dentistry to apply for this scholarship. For further details on the application process or inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out. Elevate your dental education with the support of the Dr. Nancy Ward and Dr. Denny Byrne Scholarship.

The Mark Collis Scholarship

Mr. Mark Collis, our longest-standing employee at Pankey, has demonstrated an unwavering dedication for an impressive 40 years. In 2015, a scholarship was established in his honor by Mark and Denice Murphy. This scholarship recognizes the invaluable “guidance and balance the Pankey environment” offers, contributing to “help ensure a preferred future for others.”

This bi-annual $1000 scholarship is specifically designed for new participants interested in The Pankey Institute’s Essentials One course. If you are seeking an opportunity to benefit from Mark Collis’s legacy and embark on your Pankey journey, we encourage you to apply for this meaningful scholarship. For further details, feel free to reach out for assistance.

2023 Winners: Dr. Samantha Shuttleworth

The Donald C. “Ozzie” Asbjornson Scholarship

Donald C. “Ozzie” Asbjornson, a distinguished member of the original Pankey faculty, left an indelible mark on the lives of countless participants. Not only was Dr. Asbjornson a key figure in the early days of Pankey, but he also played a pivotal role as one of the creators and founding facilitators of the Pankey Scholar Program.

In honor of his significant contributions, an annual scholarship has been established bearing his name. This scholarship is awarded each year to two emerging dental leaders, be they students or residents, offering them the opportunity to attend The Pankey Symposium. The scholarship covers tuition, attendance at all social events, and includes a $300 travel stipend. For those aspiring to carry forward Dr. Asbjornson’s legacy, this scholarship serves as a gateway to enriching experiences and professional growth.

2023 Winners: Dr. Olivia Trombley, Dr. Dorna Akhavain, Dr. Savannah Lynn Craig

The John A. (Jay) Anderson Scholarship

Jay Anderson, the son of Pankey’s inaugural Executive Director, ingrained himself in the Pankey Community even before completing dental school. As the first intern to work at Pankey post-graduation, Jay evolved into a highly respected educator, dedicating many decades to serving on the Pankey faculty. Numerous members of our community fondly recognize Jay as a significant friend and mentor.

In tribute to his enduring contributions, a bi-annual $1000 scholarship has been established in Jay’s name. Generously contributed by dentists whose lives he touched, this scholarship enables a participant to attend Essentials Two—the very program where Jay served as faculty for the majority of his esteemed career. Embrace the opportunity to honor Jay Anderson’s legacy and enhance your dental education through this meaningful scholarship.

The Herb Blumenthal Fund Scholarship

Established in December 2022, the Herbert Blumenthal Fund pays tribute to Herb Blumenthal, an esteemed figure in the world of dentistry and the mentor behind The ACORN Study Club. Acknowledged by his mentees as a remarkable influence, teacher, and friend, the fund’s aim is to provide scholarships and financial incentives for individuals enrolling in Pankey continuum courses, with a specific emphasis on splint therapy-related courses. The fund was initiated by members of the ACORN Study Club, inspired by Dr. Blumenthal’s belief in the growth through education. This enduring endowment preserves his legacy, and once fully funded, it will support dentists dedicated to enhancing their clinical skills and sharing their knowledge, ensuring his impact lives on through their work.

Pankey University Scholarship

The Pankey Foundation proudly extends three scholarships through accredited Dental Schools in the US, offering the opportunity to attend Essentials One with full tuition and lodging coverage. These scholarships are exclusively awarded to fourth-year dental students, with the selection process overseen by the Dean of the School.

The participating Dental Schools include The University of Louisville Dental School, where Dr. Pankey himself was an alumnus, as well as The University of Florida College of Dentistry and Louisiana State University Dental School. These scholarships aim to support and empower the next generation of dental professionals, fostering excellence in dental education. For further details or inquiries about these prestigious scholarships, please contact the respective dental school’s Dean’s office.

The Pankey Study Club of North Carolina Scholarship

Members of the Pankey Study Club of Eastern North Carolina (Richard Hunt, Barry Belton, Billy Williams, Bill Lee, Randy Fussell, Danny Harris, Wilson Jewell & Steve Edgerton) – all UNC School of Dentistry graduates – established this award in 2013. Through their generous donations they created a permanent endowment that in partnership with the Pankey Institute covers one full tuition and lodging scholarship each year. The annual award is used for a faculty (or student) of the University of North Carolina Dental School to attend a course.The scholarship is awarded each year through the University of North Carolina.