Impact Community – The Herb Blumenthal Fund

The Herbert Blumenthal Fund, established in December of 2022, seeks to honor Herb Blumenthal as one of the most impactful mentors, teachers, and friends of dentistry to those professionals that benefited from his guidance. His profound impact on the lives of so many high-level dentists deserve to be remembered for generations to come.

The original donors to the fund were primarily members of his ACORN Study Club who decided to establish this permanent endowment fund that bears his name. Once fully funded, the fund will offer financial incentives to dentists who have demonstrated an interest in improving their clinical skills and sharing it with others.

Donor Impact – Dr. Kevin Muench

Kevin Muench is one of Pankey’s most active Advisors, Visiting Faculty and donors. For many years he has generously supported The Foundation in a variety of ways. One particular interest of his is taking care of our facility or One Crandon. He has been known to observe a need in the building, inquire about its repair costs and then make sure it gets completed. This past fall, noticing the exterior windows needed cleaning, he inquired about the work but found that budgeting had not allowed them to be done recently. At his encouragement, the team received an estimate of costs and promptly committed the funds necessary to do the work. What a gift that was for One Crandon and what a gift Kevin Muench is and his continued generosity!

Faculty Impact – Dr. Robert “Bob” Spreen

For more than 30 years, Bob Spreen has been an important part of the Visiting Faculty at Pankey. His kind, warm and embracing personality are the perfect welcome to our Essentials One (Including the earlier C1) as they begin their lifelong learning in The Pankey community. A hallmark of his years of generous teaching is his ability to take on new teaching techniques and lead the next iterations of the curriculum. Many of our current visiting faculty and their assistants launched their own journeys with Bob as the lead faculty in their initial courses. The entire Pankey community has benefitted from his years of service offers him our sincere appreciation.

Staff Impact – Jackie Robinson

She joined the participant services team after moving to South Florida in 2008 and quickly became a valued member of our team. After Jackie’s brief retirement in 2018, she was asked to come out of retirement and has since successfully fulfilled the faculty services coordinator position for the past 5 years. She has a deep understanding of the Pankey community and is proud of the strong relationships she has been able to build over time which helps her provide Tier IV service in all that she does for The Institute. Jackie Robinson, one of the many stars in our Pankey Team serving you!