Yasmin qualified in 1988 from Guys Hospital Dental School in London and went on to work there in the Department of Oral Medicine. Since then she has worked in general practice, which means she has had a great deal of experience in many different areas of dentistry, treating patients from all walks of life.


Yasmin has been involved in cosmetic dentistry for many years and finds it one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of being a dentist. She never tires of seeing how happy patients look when they’ve achieved their perfect smile, and is proud that what she does can actually help someone grow in confidence or smile for the first time with their teeth on show.


Yasmin believes that her patients should make informed choices about their treatment, so she provides as much information as possible and always tries to be both honest and realistic. She is also committed to team building and staff development, and believes in ‘relationship based’ dentistry. This means taking the time to get to know her patients so she can best advise, help and treat them.


Yasmin has a particular special interest in orthodontics for both adults and children and has been providing orthodontic care for over twenty eight years.


For adults her treatment skills include “invisible” braces such as those fitted to the inside of the teeth (lingual braces), or those made of transparent materials such as Invisalign. Yasmin also has considerable experience with Damon braces for adults and can do ‘limited’ or partial treatment options; these are often popular with adults as treatment is quicker.


For children, she is passionate about the need to be assessed and where appropriate, treat early, also to take into consideration the development of the whole face, airway and sleep. If you’re a parent, you may also be pleased to know that she has two sons so she fully understands how important your children’s teeth are to you and the challenges encouraging healthy habits in children.


Yasmin is a nervous patient. If, like her, you are particularly anxious about visiting the dentist then as a Dental Phobia Certified dentist Yasmin can offer you the latest sedation techniques helping you to conquer your fears, when you’re ready to, at your own pace.


Throughout her career, Yasmin has taken every opportunity to develop her skills. This has included taking many training courses and attending conferences in the UK and abroad; joining and serving in a number of Dental Academies, Associations and Societies; teaching at King’s College Faculty of Dentistry, at the Pankey Institute in Florida, and sitting on the Panel of Examiners for the Certificate in Dental Sedation Nursing and the National Examination Board for Dental Nurses. Most recently she has been involved in the development of continuing education in orthodontics for general dentists, working with internationally recognized orthodontic specialist and educator Dr Derek Mahony, City of London Dental School and the Academy of Dental Excellence (ADE).


Yasmin is not a UK registered specialist in orthodontics and this is a choice she has made. The UK orthodontic training pathway and style of treatment has not been her preference, as she is passionate about not just straightening teeth, but developing good-looking faces and helping nurture growth patterns. Making interceptions to encourage correct alignment of the teeth and jaws. In this respect it is Yasmin’s view that we have a lot to learn from our international colleagues in the field of orthodontics, especially in the USA and Europe where such treatments are very popular.


Whilst Yasmin has trained extensively and internationally, to a Masters standard in Orthodontics, she had no wish to give up general dentistry, and so provides this and orthodontics in parallel.


Yasmin has been successfully treating patients for over 28 years both in her own practice, and now in Weybridge, Surrey and in Kent. Yasmin is more than happy for anyone to contact her with any questions and would be delighted to discuss her field of expertise. Orthodontics is an exciting field, and she believes in making each patient happy, confident and comfortable with their smile.


Yasmin has a large selection of “before and after photographs” on this website and looks forward to building a long-term, trusting relationship with her patients. Yasmin endeavours to offer her patients the best products and techniques and the most up-to date treatments and skills.