Dr. Bloom earned his degree in dental medicine from Tufts Dental School in 1978. Given his commitment to intensive Hands-On training (with over 3,00 hours in advanced training) he’s become a master dentist in all aspects of restorative, aesthetics, non-invasive solutions, TMJ pain and dysfunction, headache pain and implant treatment. He is an alumnus of three of the most prestigious training centers in the country: the Peter Dawson Institute of Advanced Dental Studies, the Seattle Institute of Advanced Dental Education, and the L.D. Pankey Institute. For mastery in composite/non-invasive aesthetics, he’s trained with the three world leaders in composite dentistry—Newton Fahl DMD, Pascal Magne (world-acclaimed lab artisan) and Didier Dietschi DMD. He continues to dedicate weeks a year for his own training through hands-on intensives. Trainings in 2021—three-day intensive training on TMJ/TMD (Pankey Institute-Miami Fla.) and four-day session on mastering composite aesthetics (IDEA Center-S.F.). Meet him and you’ll feel his passion for your health, and well-being.


In 2000, he was one of seventy-five dentists from around the world selected for a visiting faculty position at the L.D. Pankey Institute—an elite distinction. Once a year he takes time out of practice to teach his expertise in TMJ dysfunction and treatment, aesthetic dentistry & smile design, reconstructive and implant dentistry using the latest in digital technologies, and the most conservative treatments using bonded composite, and porcelain. Most recently, he taught Jan 28-Feb 3 at the Pankey Institute, the Essential 3 Continuum. Getting out before the storm, alongside two other instructors) he taught a group of super talented clinicians and lab artisans.


Now that you know about his skills and talents you should also know he’s super genuine, loves to chat about almost everything, is funny, loves music, dogs, travel, skiing, biking, good food, wine and tequila Btw, all the gorgeous photos in the practice were taken by him. He loves nothing more than getting lost with his camera— another one of his passions.