Mastering Equilibration

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Equilibration is the cornerstone of creating an organized occlusion that lowers functional risk. Whether you have patients in appliances who could benefit from having their occlusion optimized during the daytime, complete larger restorative cases and are looking to minimize force on ceramics, or simply want to make sure every tooth you adjust has an optimized occlusion this is the course for you. We will explore different approaches and techniques for equilibration, as well as discuss how it is an adjunct to esthetic dentistry. Emphasis will be placed on hands-on time to maximize your ability to put these practice-changing concepts to work and immediately increase predictability and your patient’s lives. There are few procedures that have as much of a positive impact for the patient, the clinician, and the team. The gift of a balanced and properly functioning stomatognathic system is priceless in all aspects of complete dentistry including ortho, perio and restorative.

Definitive occlusal therapy is an incredible way to minimize stress on a patient’s joints, muscles, and teeth. It also increases the effectiveness of functional risk management in addition to appliance therapy. This course will help you sharpen your skills for evaluating and systematically adjusting the dentition. The stability and comfort that patients both experience and express to you are fundamental in the process of predictable restorative care. Restorative dentistry could therefore be completed in optimal segments in the patient’s best interest. This way, time to complete the case is what varies, not the quality of care.

Learning Objectives:

– Learn a Systematic Approach of Occlusal Rehabilitation
– Learn how Line and Plane of Occlusion can facilitate a VISION for the Equilibration
– Evaluating the General Case Type will help guide you as criteria to treat or not to treat
– Utilizing Photography in planning your pre-planning process and Patient Education
– Learn how to integrate equilibration into your practice as a production center
– Learn to transfer the knowledge gained in Appliance Therapy to the Trial Equilibration, then to the actual equilibration
– Develop skills to incorporate esthetics in creating a stable occlusion
– Learn verbal skills needed to have patients accept treatment and pay a fair fee with appreciation

Just back from Mastering Equilibration with Dr. Kevin Muench at Pankey, and it was fantastic! With 10 engaged participants and two teaching assistants, the energy was high. Dr. Muench’s course design was impressive; he layered the learning like a dance, seamlessly integrating concepts from examination to restoration. His emphasis on behavior, influenced by Pankey greats like Rich, Jay, Buzz, Joan, and Herb, was a standout. Dr. Muench’s teaching style is top-notch, and his encouragement to contribute added to the experience. Big thanks to the Pankey team for their support!”

-Dr. George Platt, Recent Course Attendee


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