Shrink Wrap Provisional Technique for Predictable Veneers: Part 3

August 22, 2018 Lee Ann Brady DMD

Utilizing the shrink wrap technique for predictable veneers necessitates careful attention to materials selection and silicone matrix creation. Once you have created the matrix, cleaned the preps, and fully seated the matrix, you can use a 2 x 2 soaked thoroughly in rubbing alcohol to wipe across and remove the air-inhibited layer.

Cleaning Up the Veneers Preparation

Because of the matrix with the silicone gasket, almost all of the excess matrix material should flake off with a universal scaler. That’s why this technique works perfectly for preps with equigingival or supragingival margins. It works less well if you have a subgingival margin because the gasket separates the silicone right at the level of the existing free gingival margin.

On the lingual, you will have a very thin film of excess material sitting over the unprepared portion of the tooth. You can peel it off using the scaler. These provisionals are not easy to pull off or dislodge from the teeth. That means you don’t have to be cautious. The material will separate as if it has been perforated right where the margin was.

After the use of a universal scaler, you can check all the margins. You’ll realize you have virtually no excess. You can then utilize an extra fine mosquito diamond at 20,000 rpm dry in the speed reduction Brasseler NSK high speed attachment. You should open the facial gingival embrasures so the patient can get floss through them. This will lead to healthy gingival tissues that aren’t inflamed on the day of the seat.

Now switch to a brownie silicone point running dry at 10,000 to 20,000 rpm. A brownie at this speed will cut any kind of resin to create a perfect infinity margin right where the lingual reduction is on the preparations and remove any excess.

What common provisionals technique do you prefer for veneers? To be continued … 


The Shrink Wrap Technique is taught in our hands on course Excellence in Bonded Porcelain.

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