On Providing a Fix vs an Experience: Part 3

July 13, 2018 Will Kelly DMD

There are three words on my business card that may seem obscure to patients at first. These words, which come to have important meaning later on in their relationship with my dental practice, are: Comprehensive, Restorative, and Esthetic.

Promising and Delivering a Luxury Patient Experience


We look at the patient as a whole. We observe and diagnose globally. We intend to partner with our patients in a thorough individualized manner. The best dentistry does not happen when we just look at a tooth with a problem. In fact, it isn’t much better when a dentist has a look at ‘teeth’ plural.

Comprehensive dentistry considers the whole system and the individual. How are the muscles and joints that affect and are affected by the teeth and their use considered? How are the structures that support the teeth?

What are the factors unique to a patient’s habits, routines, and systemic health that relate to ideal dental health? What are a patient’s individual goals, desires, and expectations? Will the dentist take everything they can gather about the causes of problems and consider them in the solutions?

The list goes on. This is a highly intentional paradigm of patient care.


The focus on restorative dentistry is just as it sounds. In our practice, we want to restore patients to an ideal state of health and function. We put tremendous effort toward continuing education, technology, and our approach to care beyond the average dental setting to achieve this ability.


Esthetic dentistry speaks to taking great care in the art and science of making dentistry beautiful. Yes, it is a nose thumbing at the overused term “Cosmetic Dentistry.”

We believe all good dental restoration is more beautiful if provided in the context of health and function. At the end of the day, we want to create smiles our patients can be proud of because they are beautiful, healthy, and durable.

We all have things we value enough to invest in. We all make choices that take effort because we want the result, just like my car that I enjoy and is reliable. I invite patients to consider that experience with their teeth through the approach of ‘Comprehensive, Esthetic, Restorative’ dentistry.

What do you do in your dental practice to make dental care a valued experience for patients?

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