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November 5, 2018 Pankey Gram

There are many reasons to continually think about how you can add more value to patient appointments. First and foremost, though returning patients want to feel comfortable, they will also appreciate small beneficial changes when they visit.

Value is the number one motivator that will keep patients coming in regularly on time without missing appointments. If being at your practice is particularly enjoyable, they’ll be excited to keep their commitment to regular recall appointments. Additionally, if you provide expanded health services, you’ll be elevating your hygiene appointments to another level.

Here’s a value add that’s easy to implement and good for patients:

Hygiene Boost: Taking Blood Pressure

Many patients may see their hygienist more often than their regular physician. That’s why taking their blood pressure at the start of an appointment is so beneficial. Blood pressure can tell you a lot about the state of their general health.

Patients may be surprised at the result gathered from the blood pressure cuff. If it reveals seriously high blood pressure, a recommendation to a physician may be necessary. The hygienist should explain that your practice takes this additional measure so that you can truly provide comprehensive care. It’s part of your thorough screening process, including periodontal assessments and oral cancer screenings.

Your hygienists will also appreciate being able to provide this extra touch of healthcare. They could really be making a difference for someone who had no idea they were experiencing an issue. Most importantly, it’s another relatively inexpensive way to show patients they are cared for. The entire process should take less than two minutes.

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What add-on services do you provide during hygiene appointments? We’d love to hear your good ideas!

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