5 Dentists Share Favorite Materials

October 21, 2017 Pankey Gram

Curious what dental materials the Pankey community is currently raving about? 

Sometimes, when you feel bored or uninspired at the practice, you could benefit from trying out new materials. This type of change can simultaneously up your clinical game and get you excited about work again.

Check out the suggestions from 5 Pankey dentists below for inspiration:

Materials Pankey Dentists Love

Dr. Mark Kleive

“My favorite new material is the air abrasion hand piece from Groman Dental – Etchmaster. It’s simple, no big equipment, still a bit of mess, but very precise.”

Dr. Mike Crete 

“My favorite new ‘tool’ in my toolbox is CBCT. In the last two years, I have had a major shift in my diagnostics and treatment planning by using 3D imaging. Although I do not have a scanner in my own office, the specialists that I have a great working relationship with do have them and it has become a great adjunct to our diagnostic and treatment planning process.

I see this technology making huge strides in the coming years and predict it will become the standard of care in dentistry. 2D imaging will become a thing of the past!”

Dr. Lee Ann Brady

“My recent favorite is Cervitec Plus, Chlorhexidine varnish. It is an incredible antimicrobial adjunct for high caries risk patients. It reduces the bacterial count for 3-5 months and is applied at their hygiene visits. It is also great for around temporaries to create fabulous tissue health when seating restorations.”

Dr. Jennifer Davis

“My top two favorite materials lately:

(1) Not a new thing, but it still amazes me. Use of MicroPrime, a Gluma product,  after etching my composite preps. The amount of post-operative sensitivities and/or root canal procedures that come from my office now is amazingly low. Wish I had the foundation for a research study.

(2) I am loving using products to stain provisionals to custom match a tooth to the dentition. I use Protemp as my provisional material most times. They make such limited shades, though. Therefore, I stain with either Cosmodent tints, Creative Color, or Kerr-Kolor in white.”

Dr. Michelle M. Lee

“Not a material, but my mind has been blown with microscopes in the last month from the training I’ve been getting at Penn. It’s just been such a great experience and taken dentistry to the next level in terms of detail, finish, and marginal integrity. I have been loving learning more about this, as well as the integration of microscopes and dentistry with digital workflow! Fun stuff!”

What new or old favorite material are you excited about? We’d love to hear from you in the comments! 

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